Infineon Technologies(英飞凌)

英飞凌科技公司于1999年4月1日在德国慕尼黑正式成立,是全球领先的半导体公司之一。其前身是西门子集团的半导体部门,于1999年独立,2000年上市。其中文名称为亿恒科技,2002年后更名为英飞凌科技。 总部位于德国Neubiberg的英飞凌科技股份公司,为现代社会的三大科技挑战领域——高能效、移动性和安全性提供半导体和系统解决方案。 英飞凌的业务遍及全球,在美国加州苗必达、亚太地区的新加坡和日本东京等地拥有分支机构。2018财年(截止 2018年9 月 30 日),公司在全球市场的总营收为75.99亿欧元。


Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1. What does 3M stand for?

    2002 – Centennial Name Change. As 3M employees celebrated 3M's centennial anniversary, “3M Company” becomes the legal name for 3M—originally incorporated as Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing Company.
  • 2. Where is 3M Company from?

    Two Harbors, Minnesota, United States
  • 3. Is 3M unionized?

    He served until 1977. 3M was proud of its good management-employee relationships. ... Since 1999, unionized employees have been represented by the United Steelworkers.
  • 4. Are all 3M products made in USA?

    It's very difficult to find American-made products these days, but St. Paul, Minnesota based 3M Company, is striving to make it easier. 3M products used mostly by the U.S. electrical industry are made in places such as New Ulm and Hutchinson, MN and Chelmsford, MA.
  • 5. Is Scotch owned by 3M?

    The Scotch brand, Scotch Tape and Magic Tape are registered trademarks of 3M.
  • 6. What is 3M famous for?

    3M Company is known for its culture of innovation and investment in research and development which has resulted in the invention of many new products for both the industrial and consumer markets.
  • 7. How many patents does 3M hold?

    How many patents does 3M hold?
    Technology and innovation are at the heart of 3M – the company has been granted more than 118,000 patents, and each year, more than 4,000 new patents are issued to 3M worldwide.
  • 8. Why is 3M so successful?

    The root of 3M's success is its business model; to foster organic growth by inventing entirely new, market-changing products. ... In order to foster this growth, 3M has always emphasized the important of research and development (R&D) to which the company dedicates six percent of its yearly revenue.

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